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A leisurely start to the day found us climbing the 444 steps to the stop of the hill where the light house is perched. This area is right next to the malecon where we walked yesterday. The buildings are brightly decorated and festooned with tropical plants. By the time we worked our way back down, restaurants and shops there were beginning to open. We encountered very few people speaking English, but this area is clearly a favorite for South American tourists.

Most South American flights leave around midnight, which poses a problem when the hotel wants you out of your room no later than early afternoon. We purchased an extension from the hotel, which allowed us to stay until 6pm. We spent a relaxed afternoon at the pool and left at the last possible second, but even then we had to wait at the airport two hours before we could check in. Since we had enjoyed a huge buffet breakfast at the hotel, we waited until we could get in to the airport lounge for a "free" dinner. Big mistake! By then we were so hungry we ate one of everything, and one of those those things must have been sitting there too long. We all felt queasy and were hit by various degrees of digestive distress as the flight went on. After eating carefully and feeing good throughout the rest of the trip, we had let our guard down. Lesson learned!

Our departure from Guayaquil was delayed an hour, because they were repairing the ramp the plane would normally use to get to the runway. We had to drive an alternate route in reverse and wait for the planes ahead of us to do the same. We had lots to do once we got to Miami and almost ran out of time before the plane to Chicago began to board. We had to go through immigration and get our bags for customs and recheck them before going through security again. It all was fairly well organized, but each step took time. We were surrounded by anxious passengers all worried about their connections as well. Waves of nausea swept over me as we galloped to the gate.

There's not place like home when you are not feeling well. After sleeping for most of the last 24 hours, I am beginning to feel like myself.

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