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Pitiful corner garden


Countertops and new faucet

Just as I’d anticipated, the countertop guy didn’t arrive Thursday until around 1:30pm, so the plumber had to put us off until today (he had a conference to go to in Austin). He is due here sometime around 11am. Other than that, the countertops went in without any problems (a first for this remodel), and they make a huge difference in the kitchen’s appearance. Most of the tops had been pre-cut, so the guys were done in less than two hours. I spent all day Friday loading up the lower cupboards and drawers. I found a heavy-duty, deep, adjustable (width) bamboo utensil tray on Amazon (“Luxano Deep Silverware Drawer Organizer”). Bill custom-made our deep utensil drawer in the Denver house. I didn’t think I would be able to find anything comparable, but this one is. I like it so much I bought a second one for our ‘junk’ drawer. After today, we will have several quiet days before the floor installation starts next Friday. The flooring (luxury vinyl tile plank in various gray tones) is supposed to be delivered here Tuesday. We will have boxes laying all over the house, allowing them to acclimate for a few days before installation. On to nature stories. We have twins! One of the mama deer had twins several days ago. Lucky for us, they like to hang out by our house, so we get to see them all the time. They are so adorable! There are several pregnant deer left who are about to drop their fawns. As I’m writing this, I can see Bill outside talking to a deer that was peeking inside our garage. So, I’m not the only one talking to them! Our house is on a corner, and in that corner, there used to be a cluster of mostly-dead yucca plants. A few weeks ago, we dug up all but the one healthy yucca. We then bought several other non-prickly succulents to replace them. There are two garden stores within about 45 miles from here. The one is my favorite, and has wind chimes, wind spinners, a café, a bakery…it’s heavenly. But it’s the furthest away. Instead, we went to the garden store in Kerrville. It’s the only garden store I’ve ever been to (and you know I’ve been to a lot of them) that doesn’t have any of its plants labeled. No names, no care instructions, nothing. It was less than a day after we planted the new ones that half of them were dug up. And every day since, at least one of them is dug up. Often, I find them (root ball and all) laying in the street. ARGHHHH!! We’re quite certain that it’s the deer doing it, since it’s happening in the daytime (armadillos usually only come out at night). It became one of my every day chores to go out and replant. A few days ago, Bill had a scathingly brilliant idea. Surround each plant with rocks and deer poop. Since rocks and deer poop are both plentiful in our yard, it was easy enough to do. I am learning what plants the deer don’t like, and Lantana is one of them, plus it blooms all summer. I found a multi-colored one at Walmart last night, and put it in that same garden, surrounded by rocks and poo. The experiment continues! There is one mama deer here that has been blatantly stalking Mo when we walk him. They are known to attack dogs and even humans while they are protecting their young. This one followed Bill and Mo for several blocks. If Bill put Mo on one side of him for protection, the deer crossed over to that side. As it got closer, Bill finally turned around and yelled at it until it ran away. He also saw a huge 8-point buck down by the pond early yesterday morning. The buck’s rack was like a large chandelier! Bill called me, but by the time I got my camera and went out, it was gone. No wonder there were so many pregnant deer! Who could resist Tom Selleck?

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