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Check closely - body paint



Just a very quick blog entry this morning (recapping yesterday).

We left Washington around 8.30am and tootled off down the road, making a quick mid morning coffee/ toilet stop before arriving in Philadelphia around lunchtime.

We had about an hour and a half to eat lunch and explore a bit. Cheryl and I shared a very delicious speciality - a Philly cheesesteak (a soft roll filled with succulent steak and onions, liberally sprinkled with melted cheese). I didn’t worry too much about exploring as I will be back for 4 nights soon.

Once back on the bus, it took us about an hour and a half to reach the outskirts of New York City and then another half an hour to get to the hotel. As we came into the city, the TD played the Frank Sinatra classic, ‘New York, New York’.

Once at the hotel, there was a quick change of shoes, a loo stop and Cheryl and I joined 4 others for a delicious dinner in a crowded, noisy Irish pub and then a 2 hour evening bus tour.

This place is madness, chaotic, wonderful fun. Love it already! So, so much to see and do! Very glad we added an extra 5 nights here.

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