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This morning was the last day of our Newmar Rally. We received a nice light breakfast, and said goodbye to all of our new friends. This kind of reminds me of the "adult version" of going to camp. I always loved going to camp. I used to go to the Camp fire girls camp when I was a kid, but it is always hard to go home and have to go back to reality. Thankfully we get a one day reprieve...we aren't leaving until tomorrow morning. And so we were able to help them clean up the meeting room where we met for all our meals and functions. Plus there are a few handicapped couples that needed some help to get their RVs and Tow vehicles ready to go.

So today we will just veg out and pack up to head for home tomorrow. No activities are planned! We were going to go out for a late lunch but we have ate way to much "good food" the last few days, so we are just going to have salad and fruit for dinner.

It is a bit cooler this morning, and Miss Zoey was game to go for a nice long walk. The Rv park is blacktop and in this hot weather the pavement is to hot for most dogs paws. But this morning it hadn't heated up yet so Zoey was good to go. She likes the ladies that run the office here at the RV resort. They asked me to bring her inside when I was out walking her on our first day here. I had needed to go up to there and ask if we could use a bucket of soapy water and clean off all the bugs on the front of our RV. Most of these places do not allow you to wash your RV or tow vehicle at the camp sight. This could fall into the "wash" category, so it's best to ask, rather than be invited to leave for not following the rules. So when the ladies saw I had a dog, they said it was OK to bring her inside. Zoey went right over and laid down at their feet for some free pets.

On our walk we saw a mini cruise boat come in. I guess this cool old stern wheeler makes a weekly trip down the Columbia river from Portland full of tourists and stops here too.

Tomorrow we will be up early and on the road for home. We will get fuel in Cle Elum before we go back over Snoqualmie Pass. It will probably be about 7+ hours with stops for fuel, doggie walks, and lunch. Please pray for Gods protection over us and all our new "Newmar" friends as we all travel home or to our next destination.

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