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Roads to God's Country

2 ft to spare

If it’s summer it must be construction season

Main St. Port Allegany

We’re in God’s Country

Winnie at Allegheny River Campground

Allegheny River.

Potter County Courthouse -Lady Justice without a blindfold

Noctilucent clouds at Cherry Springs

Faint Milky Way

We moved to God's Country, Potter County, on Monday. Potter County is the 5th least populated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We're staying at the Allegheny River Campground on US 6. It's a nice mom and pop place right on the Allegheny River about 5 miles west of Coudersport, the county seat.

The reason for staying here was to visit Cherry Springs State Park, a certified Dark Sky Park, to try to get some night sky pictures. There were quite a few others at the park for an astronomy lecture by a local outfitter. The weather was nearly perfect on Tuesday night with few clouds, but the moon didn't want to cooperate. It was too bright even though it was only about halfway to being full. It kind of washed out the sky to the east-southeast and the Milky Way was barely visible. The moon was supposed to set about 0300, but I decided to leave about midnight as some clouds were starting move in. Couldn't see waiting around for another couple of hours only to have the sky cloud up.

All was not lost, however, as we were treated to a summer phenomenon called noctilucent clouds. They are clouds of ice crystal the form low in the sky to thr west after the sun slips below the horizon. They are generally bright white and stand out against the sky which is orange and blue at twilight.

We had lunch in Coudersport at Olga' Gallery, Cafe, & Bistro. It was pretty good. I had a regional favorite Beef on Weck, roast beef on a special (kummelweck) roll with salt and caraway seeds on top, and a Shiner Bock. We had a nice conversation with the owner as business was a little light.

Today was a complete washout so we’ll be hanging around this area over the weekend to see what else is here. Stay tuned.

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