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Marilyn & I have been working hard and both of us are exhausted. After working hard all morning we looked around and discovered that we had no room for any more plastic tubs. I had purchased 17 tubs and Jennifer had loaned us 7 more. All of them were filled but we had seven of them still inside the RV. The U-Haul, my truck, and our car were all packed and we still had lots of stuff laying around not packed. We needed to get access to our house, unload some tubs and the used furniture we had purchased.

I was outdoors when my phone rang. It was the realtor informing me that we were free to move in. I immediately went inside and said to Marilyn “Honey, Let’s go home!” Jennifer was called and she said she would meet us at the house. When we arrived she was waiting to take our picture beside the SOLD sign.

I had hired two nice young men who work here at the cave to unload the U-Haul and they were good. They put that heavy furniture right where we wanted and had things done soon after starting.

I left Marilyn & Jennifer to move some tubs inside and begin stowing items where Marilyn wanted, while I drove back to the Campground. I grabbed the keys to my truck and drove it back to the house.

Jennifer had retrieved the grandkids and now we all got into the act unloading the truck. Once again we were soon finished and drove back to the campground. I had the moving van for one more day so we loaded tubs and bags, just getting a head start on tomorrow.

Now we are relaxing with the TV and Life is Good!

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