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Ziva's last night on the sofa

Sofa is gone

Ziva discovers Marlee

Chris at work

Almost complete cabinet and the cozy being framed in

Completed cabinet and the finished trim

Stressless is installed

Pulled out facing the television

Chris and Sue celebrate the completion

Ziva and I found this butterfly on one of our walks

This post will cover our five days that we spent at Brannon's Custom RV and Chris Berry's. It was a most productive trip. We got a lot of things done to the coach. I will outline most and I have several pictures from the stay at Chris Berry's. This should get us back to Saturday evening the 8th. I will bring the remaining days up to the current date at the next posting.

Tuesday morning we were up early. We had to have the Bus at Brannon's by 7:00 a.m. Not a big deal but it was about a seven mile drive to his shop in Vina. So, up at 5:15 and the race was on. We were out of the campground by 6:30 and on our way. We actually arrived about 6:50 and had to wait on Brannon. Brannon has a new assistant, Jonathan, who we would discover is quite a worker. He spent 14 years at Tiffin before he came to work for Brannon a few months ago. We spent about 15 minutes going over everything on the list for them to attack. We had two days on Brannon's schedule. We have learned that while Brannon works hard, he is interrupted by several walk in visitors each day. They want to know if he can work them in, can they discuss what he is going to do when their day in the shop comes, can I ask you a question...just a number of various items that takes Brannon away from working on our Bus. Here is a quick list of some of the things they accomplished this trip:

* The header on the drive side had pulled loose over the years. They dropped this and re-glued and put everything back in place.

* Worked on the headlights. When we drove in on Friday night we discovered they were out of alignment.

* Ran a cable from a plug on the back of the coach for our WeBoost that we use to boost our cellular signal. We are now able to put the antenna up via a mount on the back ladder and plug into the box he installed in the engine compartment that connects to a hookup in the kitchen area.

* Checked the roof, serviced the A/C units, cleaned out the drains so the condensation will run off the roof properly.

* Found and repaired a hydraulic leak for the slide system.

* Replaced a window that had lost its seal.

* Replaced the microwave.

* Serviced the Traveler

* Repaired MCD shades

* Repaired awning over bedroom window

* Removed the power reel in the wet bay and changed some of the plumbing.

* Worked on the Air Force 1 Towing system.

* Added a USB outlet near the drivers overhead iPad.

* Replaced the black tank flush.

And maybe a few other items that we overlooked or were minor. We were out of his shop about 2:00 on the second day and amazed we got everything done and did not have to decide what we would not do this trip. WooHoo! ! ! !

Thursday we headed for Chris Berry's place. We ended up staying at Chris's until about 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. Once Chris starts on a project, you just stay as he works all hours. The first night he was around until about 10:00 and we heard him still sawing about 11:00 p.m. I have included pictures of the sofa we pulled out. Then a picture of the vacant area. You might notice that the Cozy is curled up there as this is the heat distributor for the Aqua Hot. Then the series of pictures shows Chris all sprawled out trying to attach the cabinet to the slide floor. Further pictures show the frame around the Cozy and finally the completed project, with the counter top. This was made from some of the left over solid surface from our previous project. No new material...since there is no more...as far as we can find. This particular solid surface has been out of production for several years. Then we got the platform for the chair built and carpeted. Then the Stressless was attached and there are pictures showing it in, out facing the television and from the front looking back. We even had stops built in to hold the chair in place whether it is in or out. The rollers worked well. When we were through, Sue and Chris were ecstatic the project was a success. Between those two I was constantly amazed and entertained. I have included a picture of a butterfly that Ziva and I walked upon one morning while we were at Chris's.

Then it was back to the RV Park in Red Bay to rest, wash a few loads of clothes and get ready to travel on Sunday. It was a long, tiring and productive trip to Red Bay. We enjoyed the trip but were glad to see it end.

Next post will get us back to Conway and up to date...Thanks...

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