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Now that we are back in Conway and have a great internet connection I will try to update the old information and get everyone current on all that has happened and all that is going on currently. I will break up the post into several days so it will not get so long and boring. Tonight's post will cover Thursday the 30th of May thru Monday the 3rd of June. We got back to Conway on Sunday the 9th but by the time we got set up for a one month stay, showered, went by Beth's and then went to dinner, we were exhausted and I could not begin to think about working on a two week post.

Thursday the 30th, we were intent on getting everything we needed to get done for travel. We decided at the last minute we would also like to look at a Stressless recliner, since it had an extension on the electric foot rest that would support my ankles. I went to the storage unit and picked up some of our left over carpet to take on the trip. We went by to check on Beth and make sure she was ready for us to leave and see what her plans were for the weekend before her LAST chemo treatment. From there we headed to a local furniture store that handled the Stressless chair. When we arrived, we found the type of chair that has the extension and then found one that was a discontinued model. With some negotiating, they started lowering the price. When they got right we started checking on the colors, and they had one the color we wanted and the price was getting very attractive. Sue coached me on Dave Ramsey negotiating and I started down on the price if I brought $ 100 bills. All told we saved over $ 450 from their original sale price offer. So, we bought a chair. I had to arrange to get Jeff and Noah to help me get the new chair to the Bus and the Euro they had helped me move just a few days before back to the storage unit. That done we had the big stuff ready to go to Red Bay. We had another trip to the storage unit, a trip to the grocery stores and another stop of two and we were back to the Bus to get ready to pull out on Friday morning.

Friday we were out of the park and on the road a little after 9:30. We made good time and were through Memphis when Sue mentioned she was having some unusual feelings and suggested we stop at a hospital we had just passed. We did a few maneuvers with the Bus and managed to get back to the Baptist Hospital in DeSoto, MS. I just stopped in the main drive and got Sue into the check in desk. After explaining her symptoms and then advising where I had parked the Bus they took control of Sue and showed me where I could park the Bus on their lot. I moved the Bus while they took Sue back. I had to unhook the truck since I was blocking a driving lane but I got it all done and back into the ER as quickly as possible. All told we spent four hours in the ER. Sue got a clean bill of health and we were released about 5:30. We then hooked the truck back up and got out into the late afternoon traffic out of Memphis. We managed to get back in the traffic on I-55 South and discovered there had been an auto fire about 4 miles ahead and the traffic was moving about 50 feet every few minutes. We managed to get off at the next exit and headed east toward I-22. We hit I-22 and again turned our sights on Red Bay. We stopped at West Tupelo and filled up the Bus before finishing the run to Red Bay. We arrived at the RV Park about 8:45 and 25 minutes after sunset. We had not set up in the total dark in some time but we quickly remembered everything and got set up and ready for occupancy before 10:00 p.m. We then ran to McDonald's for a quick bite before bedtime. That done, we were in bed before midnight and really needed a long nights sleep. We did not get a long nights sleep but we got a good one.

Saturday and Sunday were days of rest and taking it easy before our trips to the various vendors. We watched a little golf, and late Sunday I washed the Bus. It really needed the attention. It looked great after the wash. We were ready for the week to begin.

Monday morning we were up early and headed to Bay Diesel. We arrived a little early and they took us back before 9:00 a.m. Now the great thing about a non-corporate shop is that the owner can go back where all the work is going on and you can see what is being done. I spent a lot of time watching and asking questions. They took care of all the annual maintenance items, change filters, belts and whatever else is on the list for items to be checked. They also handled a chassis maintenance check list. All of this was done with nothing that required extra attention or repair except one bolt on the alternator being tightened. We were done and out in a little over two hours. The Bus sounded better and ran really smooth. We were glad to get this done. We are now believers in Bay Diesel. They found a problem last October that Cummins has had a shot at numerous times without success, and it has not reoccurred. They will be our Cummins experts from now on. Then it was back to the RV Park to rest because the pace was really going to pick up the next four days.

As I close tonight I will mention we noticed that in eastern Arkansas the fields being plowed were kicking up a lot of dust. The fields seemed dry. When we were at Chris Berry's shop outside Red Bay, the ground outside was cracked from being so dry. It was a tremendous change from the flooding that was taking place in the Arkansas River valley. I will try to cover our stops at Brannon's Custom RV and the project Chris Berry was to undertake. But for tonight...it is bedtime.

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