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This mountain has various "creative" names - the map says Squawteat Peak

Another day, another 300 miles. That puts us about 1020 miles from home.

Before we headed out, I filled both the jeep and the motor home. I just had to take a pic of the gas pump.

Today was weird. It started out hot & muggy in San Antonio where traffic and construction made it a challenge to get out of town. Once in the country, we hit it all: wind, rain, thunderstorms, and sun. Then it became a high overcast with no wind. The high today in Fort Stockton was 61 – it was 100 yesterday and will be 91 tomorrow. It’s chilly now and many people are walking around with jackets. We expect 107 by the time we get to Tucson.

We made Fort Stockton RV just in time for their coffee shop to open. They open just 2.5 hours for dinner and 2 hours for breakfast. We had a cheeseburger and world-famous chicken fried steak. I should have had the cheeseburger too. Prices are cheap and ice cream is included for desert. BYOB - gotta love Texas. We’ll eat breakfast there tomorrow AM.

Our satellite receiver gave up. I think it was from all the bouncing on the roads. I’ll worry about that when we get home, so for now, it’s cable from the RV park. 42 channels and there’s nothing on.

The rough roads are really hard on motor homes. Things vibrate loose. We have a jar in the center console of screws and miscellaneous parts that we find around the motor home. Most of the time, I can’t find where they go so we just hold on to them for when something falls apart.

When we were on our way to San Antonio, the refrigerator stopped working. It’s hard to explain, but there is a tube where a flame burns to make cold. I don’t get it either, but that is how a propane refrigeration system works. Some of the metal from inside the tube flaked off and fell onto the burner shorting out the flame sensor in turn telling the computer there was no flame so turn off the gas – which it did. No flame = no cold. So I ran the inverter because the refrigerator is a 2-way unit – runs off gas or 110 volts. I cleaned it out one day while at Len’s and no problem since. Rough roads are a pain in many ways more than a rough ride.

Tomorrow we’re off for Las Cruces and dinner at our new favorite restaurant, The Double Eagle. It’s about 300 miles so another long day behind the wheel.

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