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the steps of Tana

Tana seafood

Memorial park

Our first lemur

Eating out of our hand

Eating out of our hand


Chameleon on the arm

Chameleon on the arm

Snake on the neck

Chameleon on the finger

We got up around 6:00 and had a nice breakfast, then on the road and drove around the city a bit, then off on Route 2 to the east and stop at a super market and pick up lunch and water and some other stuff.

The to the Reserve Peyrieras where we had lunch then walked up a trail and ran into four lemurs – They were quite friendly and would take banana from our hands. Quite agile. Then off to a variety of enclosures with large chameleons. The world’s smallest reptile, a variety of snakes and other assorted animals. Quite the hit as you got to touch and hold the animals.

Then off to Moramanga for a final break then to Grace Lodge by Cham National Park. We settle in then go to the restaurant for information and we order our dinners. Then off to the park itself where we take a night “hike” with two local guides to spot night animals. We saw little as the road we walked on was busy with local traffic and several other tour groups we did see several chameleons – both large and small, and one mouse lemur.

Back to the lodge and have dinner, then shower heater doesn’t work properly… Finally get to bed about 11:00.

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