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On the way to the hotel

View from the hotel

Kitty woke up about 2:00 AM – still on EDT then went back to bed. Time change (7 hours) is quite the jet lag! We eventually got up around 6:00 and went down for breakfast. Back at the room the key wouldn’t work, so back down and up again, final packing, then down to the lobby to pay the bill and to meet the shuttle.

Shuttle ride was quiet but really slow at the airport. But we got there, got our tickets, went through security (with water), then off to our gate. Had to go through another security check before we could get to the gate.

The gate area was packed with people – well over 2,000 folks. We hung around a bit standing up, then they started people boarding by getting on a bus to take up to the plane. We got the second bus.

Arrived at the plane and almost all the overheads were full, but we got a steward to find us a spot – then there was someone in my seat – which we worked out quickly.

We settled in and took off and then they played the same movie we watched yesterday, so Kitty took a nap and I did so work on the journal.

We arrived in Antananarivo on time and quickly went through immigration and customs. Mett he diver right away, changed some money, then off to the hotel.

Hotel Belvedere seemed like a traditional colonial place, Desk clerk was fine, but got to the room and there were twin beds, so we had our room changed to the third floor with a double bed (and a loft!)

We unpacked then read that we were to meet in the restaurant. We met at six with our guide, Bruno, and the five fellow travelers – Sue and Peter (Australia), Theresa and Paul (Atlanta) and James (England) who’s bags got lost. They all seem like a friendly enough bunch. We chatted for about an hour and a half about the tour then had dinner. We talked through it then headed off to bed. Quite the view from the hotel!

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