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At the hotel waiting area in the airport

Trying to buy a hat

Minilik palace

Coming down the mountain

Heavy load

Lucy and me

Original remains of Lucy

Lucy Reconstruction


Ethiopian beer.

Outside the cathedral

Haile Selassie

Trinity Church

By the graveyard

Landed at Addis Ababa exactly on time – 0715 - and with e-vise we got though very quickly. Out to the front and were greeted by a Getfam Hotel agent and waited a while for the driver to arrive. He did, and a nice ride into the hotel. He was quite the tour guide.

Checked into the hotel at 8:00 and they had a room for us already. We dropped off our stuff, got some local currency. Then a brief rest.

At 10:00 we headed down to the lobby to meet our tour guide, “Nu-guy” (Nurelegn) who was very nice and attentive.

We start with a drive around the city with some history and pointing out some of the more interesting sights. Then we drove up Mount Entoto and looked at St. Mary’s Church and the Minilik palace. The palace was quite small but interesting – “meat hooks” were on the walls of the food storage areas – cow horns.

Then off to the National Museum with lots of historical artifacts. Quite amazingly there was a display of the remains of Lucy, the fist upright Australopithecus from 3.5 million years ago. Nice place but we were pretty exhausted by then.

Then to “Luck Restaurant” right next door. We had traditional Ethiopian food with bread as the utensil. There was a nice tortoise next to us in the patio where we fed bread to – he seemed to like it!

The off to the Trinity Church where Haile Selassie’s body is buried. There was a religious ritual going on and we were allowed to take pictures – lots of chanting and many unique rituals and items. Guide was even blessed by the priest Then through a small museum and a visit to a grave yard where important people were buried.

Being exhausted we went to a complex of souvenir shops. Traffic was quite crazy but folks seemed to be pretty polite for the most part. We both fell asleep in the car! We got too much stuff and then went back to the hotel.

Up to our room too tired to do anything so we ordered room service (they were out of most things). Finally got our order, ate, then showered and bed by 10:00.

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