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Archway near the Visitor Center pointing north

Everyone gets their photo taken here

Metal sculpture of a Surveyor that planned the route

What the terrain was like back then in the wilderness

Road was built in nine months

A map of the ALCAN Highway

Pearl Harbor was the incentive

Japan DID attack US territory

The reality of the close distance

Starting at several points and working toward one another

Long telephone wire

Curved Bridge at turn of the river

Curling Center in town

Sunset behind the clouds at 10:30 p.m.

This is a lovely town with plenty of eating establishments and shopping (I have my Wal- Mart). We visited the Alaska Arch near the Visitor Center and had our perfunctory photo under the arch, and captured the metal sculpture of the Surveyor in the roundabout.

Then we visited a couple blocks away with the actual MILE ZERO marker in the middle of the street. There is a small museum called the Alaska Highway House on the corner with very interesting historical interpretive plaques to read and they show a movie every 20 minutes (I think it was from the History Channel) of the building of the Alaska-Canada Highway.

When Pearl Harbor was attacked, it necessitated the building of the road to Alaska (US Territory with military bases) to be able to send support to the military bases there. Dawson Creek was the end of the railroad line and a good place to start. The other end in Alaska was Delta Junction with roads or railroad to the necessary bases in Alaska. They also flew in Corps of Engineer troops and supplies to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and Big Delta, Alaska to build northbound and southbound to meet up with the other workcrews.

We learned that the African American troops were put in the middle with the worst terrain and they excelled at their job. Many of them uneducated and never exposed to large building equipment, learned quickly and were a big asset to the building of the highway. They met every challenge and overcame the hardships.

The days are getting much longer and it is staying lighter much later this far north, it will only get later from here.

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