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Bucket List Item Checked Off

Reservations are made. Tomorrow night, weather permitting, we’ll do a one-nighter in Fort Stockton, then a one-nighter in Las Cruces (same place), then 3 nights in Tucson, then a one-nighter in Blythe, then home. That works out to about 300 miles per day. I did not make reservations in Blythe, because, well, it’s Blythe.

Today we attended Maryann’s cousin’s daughter’s graduation (first cousin once removed). The graduation was at the Alamodome

There were about 600 kids in the class and it seemed like it took forever but they did get through it fairly quickly. Their school colors are orange and white – check out the pic.

When we got back to the RV about 9 PM, the power was out. My heart sank because it was over 100 here today and we had left our dog in the RV. The park manager happened to stop by our rig and I asked how long the power had been out: only about an hour so that explained why the motor home was not terribly hot inside and our dog was still happy to see us.

When I make reservations, I try to book newer parks, which means their electrical systems are fairly new. Older parks are usually smaller amperage systems that have been added to and not always in a fashion that provides stable power. We need good, clean, stable power so as to run our AC’s when we leave the dog behind. I always inquire about the electrical service and mention that our dog will be in the rig when we leave. It costs more, sure, but she’s a real good dog.

San Antonio, however, is not the RV capitol of the world. If you search for RV parks in San Antonio, there aren’t any. You will/might find this old trailer park that rents spots by the day.

We are at the only "park" within a close distance to the Alamodome which is about 20 miles: and it is ancient. I wouldn’t be surprised if their first customers were in covered wagons.

Huge thunderstorms tonight have brought down the local grid– not just in the park. So it was out of the park’s control. According to the manager, this is the first time in his 8 years here that this has happened.

At this writing, we are here with the generator running to cool down the rig. I think we might be able to sleep with the windows open but the sound of all the wildlife and thunder might keep us awake. In the meantime, we are treated to a light show and a pretty good sound track. I hear intermittent rain drops on the roof.

Maryann fulfilled one of her bucket-list items which is to capture lightning on her camera. So, I added that pic too.

So, back to the weather permitting part: I am not looking forward to hitching up the Jeep and making the drive to Fort Stockton tomorrow while contending with lightning, rain, and whatever else Mother Nature might throw at us. Intense thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow with wind gusts to 50 mph out of the North. Because we're heading West, this means about a 90-degree crosswind - fun, fun, fun. The forecast, as of this writing, is for t-storms all along our route. At best it will be slow going.

It looks like we’re in for an adventure because this RV "park" is booked solid and we have to be out by 11 AM.

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