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Today was a fine day. Marilyn & I shared our morning coffee, shared breakfast, completed the chores, and with things all “ship shape” in the RV I grabbed a shower and dressed for church.

We met so many of our friends at Mass today and it was simply a pleasure to share hugs with them. In fact we stood around visiting with friends until we were nearly the last people remaining inside the church.

We returned to the RV where I made some phone calls, making arrangements to pick up some used furniture we had purchased. Steve will help me load up the van tomorrow morning and Marilyn will be packing stuff in plastic tubs which will be loaded later.

Our grandson Colby has four baseball games this week so we will be busy in the evenings too. We sure enjoy watching him play though so that too will be a pleasure.

This afternoon the music festival was wrapping up even though numerous RVs had already left for home. I suppose some folks had to go back to work tomorrow.

It is hard to believe that our RV journey will be ending by Friday. I must admit that I have mixed feelings although I am just as excited as Marilyn about the new house. With all that room I suspect that I will rattle around like a BB in a boxcar for a while.

No matter. Life is Good!

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