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Welcome to Chetwynd






"The Fight of Your Life"

"Forbidden Fruit"



"Life is short, play hard"






Lady Gaga



"Water is Life"



Keith trying to steal the puck







"Saved by Grace"









Sasquatch loving the babies of the forest

"Has Anyone Seen My Dog"




Larry and his buddy


Dinosaur footprints




Eagle plane with Salmon pontoons




At the Skate park

Robot & Sparrow


At the Library

One side represents Death

Other side represents Life

Young deer in our campground

Every two years Chetwynd hosts the Chain Saw Carving contest. The winners have their pieces displayed along the main highway in the center of town near the Visitor Center.

I don’t know how they decide where the previous winners’ pieces go, but they are distributed throughout the city. After walking the main area, we noticed some up on the next block and beyond. Not knowing how long of a walk it would be (and it was getting quite warm) we hopped in the cars and drove around the rest of town.

We ended up at a park with some carved dinosaurs and an interpretive sign describing the dinosaurs that left fossils in this area. There was a large slab with dinosaur footprints in it.

Then we headed back towards our campground and found more carvings. It is amazing that these are all carved with different sized chain saws.

We sat around in the early evening (social hour) outside our coach and were delighted to have a shy visitor watching us before she slipped into the forest.

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