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Scenes from our route today

I’ve only seen Sapp Bros. out west

Highest point on I80 east of the Mississippi River

Ducks on a pond

Luna moth

We drove nearly due north to McKean County, also known as The Pennsylvania Wilds. It was an interesting drive to get here mostly on I99, I80, and US219. Winnie did well running up and down the Appalachian Mountains that stretch across the northwesternl part of Pennsylvania. We’ve not been in this part of the state very much, only passing through on I80 in the early spring on 2018. I’m amazed at how much forested land there is and how few people. We’re staying in the Kinzua East KOA for the next couple of nights. As with many location we’ve been, it’s tech challenged - no WiFi at the site, no cable or broadcast TV, and 1 or 2 bars of AT&T wireless service. I sitting in the laundry room using the poor WiFi signal from the office or intermittent wireless signal. It’s hard to believe we’re in one of the most populous states in the northeast and are virtually cut off. My brother who is in Alaska seems to have better connectivity. You’d think after 10+ years of traveling I’d figure out a better way to stay connected. Enough griping.

I wanted to come up here to see the Kinzua Railroad Bridge which is about 15 miles away. Other attraction in the area besides the scenery is the Zippo Museum and the Lucielle Ball museum in her home town if we can squeeze them in stay tuned.

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