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I slept late last night and by the time I woke, Marilyn had the coffee ready and the kitchen cleaned. I joined her to share the coffee she had ready and we talked about our plan for the coming week.

I drove to town to reserve a moving van for next week. That will give us a place to put the boxes and tubs as we get them packed. We are hopeful that by the time we are ready to transport our stuff to the new home we will have permission to move in. There is so much to do but we will have it done in time for the friends who purchased our RV to pick it up as planned.

The Brew Skies Music Festival continues here at the Cave Complex and I noticed a convoy of Volkswagens driving through town today. They all ended up at the campground and it was quite a show.

This afternoon Marilyn & I sat outdoors with a cold drink, reading and listening to the music, but once the sun evaded the shield of our awning we returned indoors because it was too warm.

As I write this journal, a steady stream of traffic passes by our window. I wish we had taken pictures to share with you but we may not be able to post this journal entry let alone post pictures. That is ok because we will continue to post the daily activities as we transition from an RV back to a stick & brick house. Life is Good!

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