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Amex Lounge Sydney airport

Golden lounge at KL airport

We caught an Uber to the airport for our evening flight to London via Kuala Lumpur. The first 8.5 hour leg to KL was uneventful although the catering could have been better, for instance one meal consisted of vegetable pizza or not. It is not as if they'd run out of any other choice as we were at the front of cattle class. We had previously decided to treat ourselves to entry into the "Golden Lounge" at the airport as we had a 5 hour stop-over and, as part of the package, extra leg-room on the 13 hour leg to London. The facilities in the lounge were great. There was a nap area, which we used. Shower facilities, which we used. And an impressive variety of foods that we didn't really do justice to.

The extra leg-room on the plane was definately worth it and it came with the advantage that we just one row behind business class and so were served first. Grae was impressed with the service of the beer as he was supplied regularly almost without asking.

The arrival into London was about on time and immigration was a breeze as we could use the automatic gates with our Australian passports. Does anyone want a couple of filled in arrival cards as we still have the ones that we asked to complete on the plane.

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