Vince & Maryann to TX in 2019 travel blog

We made the drive on I-10 east to Houston then north to Len’s house. Lots of traffic, construction, narrow lanes, and rain… what a fun day. We arrived Houston a couple of hours later than anticipated, and lucky us, hit rush hour traffic in the rain. They are not courteous drivers here, so I put on my Los Angeles driver’s hat and fit right in. He with the most lug nuts wins.

As I was struggling through all of it, I couldn’t help to think how much better it was than 200 years ago doing it in a covered wagon. Nonetheless, it was still a nerve-wracking chore.

Len’s neighbor has been gracious enough to provide a place to park, 50 amp electrical service, water, and a dump. The place is beautiful green and lush. I told his neighbor that he may not get rid of us.

Len and his wife, Betty, treated us to cocktail hour on their amazing patio overlooking their terrific lush backyard. It is so green that, in CA, the water bill would be cost prohibitive. I'll try to get a pic up later.

Then they treated us to a great Italian dinner in a little hole in the wall in downtown Conroe. The restaurant is run by a Mexican who was taught by his mentor, the previous Italian owner, and he nails it. Len and I had the veal and agreed that it tasted just like Mom used to make. I haven’t tasted that flavor in 50 years.

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