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Marilyn & I feel as if we are in limbo, just marking time until we have permission to move into the house. Closing is set for June 25th. We are certainly ready to get on with the move and the change in our day to day life.

We are leaving for a baseball game in just a bit and I won’t post this journal entry until we return from the game. Colby is part of a really fine team of 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders from Palmyra. They have a bunch of talented players. So far they have played two games which they won by scores of 17 – 0 and 16 – 2. They are playing in Monroe City this evening.

It is sure nice to be able to watch the grandkids playing ball or participating in other activities. That is the primary thing we missed as full-time RV folks. Make no mistake, we loved the RV lifestyle but did miss watching those kids growing up.

I will stop writing for now but will add the outcome of the ball game before posting tonight.

Later…………. As we gathered things together for the ball game we noticed very dark clouds to the north of us. I put lawn chairs into the car and we were close to leaving when that cold front sagged right through our area bringing wind and rain. Jennifer called to inform us that they had quarter sized hail in Palmyra. We decided to wait for a while before leaving and while doing that the rain and wind began in earnest. We didn’t experience any hail and the rain lasted about 20 minutes. It was enough to cancel the ballgame though. Bummer!

No real problem though because we know that Life is Good!

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