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From Carlsbad, NM we headed SW on 285 to I-10 then east to Kerrville, TX. We have a nice spot on the Guadalupe River. We took a nice walk before dinner.

I’m not sure 400 miles in 1 day was worth it but there’s not much in between.

285 was incredibly interesting and totally frustrating. Because of the oil boom in the Permian Basin, the old and outdated 2-lane road was congested most of the way. We followed a multitude of vehicles hauling oil production equipment and supplies. I was happy to get up to 50-55 mph at times where the speed limit was 70. I suppose that about 2 hours was added to our drive today because of all the hubbub. OTH, I got great mileage due to the low speeds.

We saw large stockpiles of pipe and other supplies in huge lay down yards. We saw large parcels that resembled RV parks for the workers so that they can tow or drive in their RV's as a temporary place to live. Other locations had barracks, cabins, and office structures. We saw license plates from all over the country. Lots and lots and lots of pick up trucks.

We saw several new refineries under construction. We saw new pipelines under construction. I found it crappy that right across the street from a new refinery diesel prices were the highest I’ve seen since leaving California.

Much of 285 is under construction. 285 is being widened from a sleepy 2-lane highway to 4 lanes – 2 in each direction. There is a lot going on in the middle of nowhere and we were amazed.

All this got me wondering when gas prices will go down…

Tomorrow we head to Conroe, TX where my brother Len lives. We’ll park the RV at his neighbor’s house where we can hook up adequate electric service in order to run the AC for our dog (reminds me of that Chevy Chase movie).

We’re fixin’ to partake in some good ol’ Texas fun like shootin’ and shit kickin’ and such. You won’t hear from us for a few days. So no sense in gittin’ all lathered up.

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