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Very active day for animal viewing. On the drive we saw so many bears, we thought we must be in Chicago. 13 adults and 2 cubs, 2 Moose, 2 Stone Sheep, 11 Wood Bison and one crane that was brown. Marci has become the official animal tallier.

On a side note... It is much easier to get pictures when you have someone else with you to take the pictures while you drive. We actually stopped for each of these animals pictures, even the ones that refused to pose.

We made it to the Yukon, we are at Watson Lake tonight, home of the signpost Forrest. I am posting a picture of the signpost Forrest that is posted in the 2019 Milepost book. I looked at it last night and could not believe my eyes, the sign we put up there in 2009 is in the picture second post from the left "Reagan's on Tour". The Forrest was started by a homesick soldier in 1942, he posted the name of his hometown and the number of miles to get there. Travelers have added their own signs ever since. In August 2013 the Forrest was designated a Yukon Historic Site and the count of signs in 2018 was 88,000 signs. All visitors are encouraged to leave a sign.

Tomorrow we head to Whitehorse YT.

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