We arrived at one of our favorites

We like this park for the many amenities.

We have a terrific site near the edge of the Piankatank River

Meet Brent

NOTE: We have achieved a milestone with this stop ! ! ! We have surpassed 500 stops in the more than 12 years and 6 months we’ve been on the road ! ! ! That is more than 500 times stopping, putting out the slides, leveling, unhitching, making the inside comfy, attaching the electrical, water hose, sewer hose, arranging the patio and chairs and more than 500 times reversing the process! ! Oh, did I mention there’s nearly 13,000 photos for you to enjoy! We sure have seen and experienced a lot during these 12 1/2 years! We count ourselves as Blessed to be able to do this.

We’ve prepositioned ourselves here in the tidewater area of Virginia, once again for the visit of a grandson. This time it’ll be Brent, whom is 12 and will turn 13 years old while he’s with us. Long time readers remember Kyle who was with us 6 years ago. Brent is Kyle’s brother and we’re sure will be as engaged in learning as Kyle. In a couple days, Dave will fly to Reno for the high school graduation of grandson Kody. Dave will bring Brent back with him, then the fun of having Brent will begin. As with the others, he’ll have his own trip journal. If you haven’t read any of the other grandchildren blogs it’s easy. Go back to our main page, at the top right corner, find the box that states “Dave & Rebeccas Big Adventure” then click on the down arrow. Pick one of the choices and enjoy! And in a few days, you’ll see Brents entries appear there also...

See you then !

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