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heading to Mount Rainier




one of the many water falls




Mount Rainier




still some Reflecsnow















Reflection Lakes









A long night in the Anchorage airport got to airport at 11:00 Pm and my plane stated boarding at 4:40 AM got a little sleep, were quite a few people sleeping at the airport and at 4:00 in morning sorta looked like a bunch of zombies walking around, LOL. It was a 3 hour flight to Seattle got a bit more sleep on the plane, got my checked bag and off to the shuttle bus stop for my ride to the car parking lot, got to my car everything was good loaded up and back on the road. I head to Mount Rainier National Park for a nice scenic drive there is still lots of snow and some roads are not open for driving, then of to Kelso where I stop for the night. Unloaded the car so I can repack things for the rest of the trip is nice to be able to now travel at my own pace not meeting time tables. Out for some dinner and back to my room and of to bed early.

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