SRP Field of the Green Jackets baseball team

Batter up

“Auggie” the Green Jackets mascot

The kids bought tickets for us to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra,...

Our setup at the kids home, our little private RV site!

The view out our front window....

Dave helps David trim the property trees

There’s many of them, it took several days.

Kyle graduates from Air Force BMT Lackland AFB

Kyle’s family catches up to him and captures the moment.

Grampa Dave catches up to a busy Kyle as he has just...

Wow, there’s a lot of graduates at Lackland AFB

One day we met Gary (Dave’s brother) and Kathy in Savannah for...

We toured Savannah on the white tour trolley

Statue of James Oglethorpe who founded Savannah

Ginger takes on her new “big brother” in a game of tug-a-war!

Our kids, Dave and Sarah treat us to a fine birthday dinner

Dave insists Rebecca enjoy some desert for her birthday.

The view from in front of the big tank, 6.3 million gallons,...

We pause for a moment to capture our joy of the day.

A couple Giant Manta Rays

That’s us swimming with the Gentle Giants

That’s us holding hands while swimming

A behind the scenes photo looking down into the water, taken after...

We’re ready to “Swim with the Giants”

About the swim program.

Our class of swimmers for the Gentle Giants event.

Rebecca’s birthday cake

She enjoys the balloon bouquet

Then everyone takes a nap from all the activity of this month.

I must say, this visit of one month has THE BUSIEST we’ve had and still not everything got done that we’d thought to do. THE main reason we’re not further north, as we usually are at this time of the spring, is it’s Rebecca’s birthday at the end of the month AND Mother’s Day 2 weeks before. The kids insisted that we stick around for those events. They took us to two Augusta Green Jackets baseball games, and gave us tickets to The Glenn Miller Orchestra. What wonderful evening we had! Dave drove the car to San Antonio, TX and Lackland Air Force Base for the Basic Military Training graduation of Kyle. Remember him, from 6 summers ago. You’ll see updated photos of how he’s turned out as a young man. Kyle is going to University and working. Another weekend, we met Dave’s brother and sister-in-law in Savannah for a visit, tour and lunch.

It was unseasonably warm in the southeast and so we swam in the kids luscious salt water pool several of the hot days. Especially after working in the yard. The kids took us out to lunches and dinners several times.

For a birthday gift to Rebecca, the kids took us to Atlanta to see the Georgia Aquarium and arranged for both of us to, “Swim with the Gentle Giants”! As members of the Aquarium with guest passes they entertained us by showing us all the wonderful exhibits. As avid snorkelers, we have our own equipment and we took time the day before to check them out in the swimming pool to make sure everything was working fine. Even though the Aquarium has fine equipment to loan to swimmers, we know ours well and they fit. Dave has prescription lenses in his mask. At vision impairment of 20/750 he’d be hard pressed to see the wonderful creatures around him. The big tank has a reported 6.3 million gallons, numerous giant Manta rays and four Whale sharks along with about 4,500 other saltwater fish. The staff got our “class” ready, safety briefed and into the water about 4:30 p.m. The whole event was a wonderful experience! Several times we had a whale shark or manta ray come by for a real close encounter, almost as if they were toying with us.

Before departing the area, Dave had the Honda serviced and we took the Allegro to the Ford dealer so they could change out a switch on the steering column that regulated the wipers, washers and bright lights.

When the time came, we headed northeast toward Virginia, taking a two day jaunt to get there. This prepositions us for the visit of our last grandson, Brent who wants to have his turn with us and learn about early American history. So that story is to be continued, soon. Brent is Kyle’s younger brother.

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