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Day 19 - Sunday 2 June 19 - Basano Del Grappa

We were up at 0600hrs waiting to hear of Alex and John’s plans for the day.

It was decided by SMS that we would pick them up from their accomodation and tour the Prosecco area 35 km east of Bassano DG.

In the meantime Kaye and I drove to Marostica, 10 km west to visit CastelBrando. This fortification caught our attention as we passed yesterday. Originally built by the romans it appears today as a line of walls and towers that rise from road level up and around a hillside immediately bringing to mind images of the Great Wall of China. The walls are in excellent condition and present an imposing picture of a period long past. Quite large, the walls contain a smallish village with a backdrop of forest vegetation. We walked the old town with it’s regular Sunday market noting today’s special event of a vintage car display at the town’s entry. The town is noted for hosting the world chess tournament which helped explained the large aged red and white granite chess board in the town centre.

We returned to Bassano DG for a quick drink before picking A&J up and driving the 18 km to Salo for lunch. Parking was a problem and we found an underground car park on the outskirts before walking town to unsuccessfully find Kaye’s restaurant of Nick’s choice. We eventually settled on an unknown local as the restaurant with the good view suggested by our host was fully booked. Lunch of pasta’s, beers and wine was quite pleasant. The start of the next leg of our trip was marked by our confused departure from our car park - we were quickly introduced to the licence plate recognition system. We were not alone in our lack of understanding and were in awe of this isolated town having such an innovative system.

We next drove the 27km to the Cantina Col Vetoraz on the outskirts of the Prosecco producing town of Valdobbiadene for a wine tasting. We parked amongst the vines and experienced the difference between wine tasting Oz style and wine education style of Italy. We did however have a taste before John bought a bottle for a future tasting. We then retreated to a quirky nearby outdoor hillside restaurant with magnificent views of the valley of vineyards for a locally purchased Prosecco. It was a fun experience which we enjoyed.

Our return trip to Basano DG included a stop at Possagno to view the very imposing domed “Tempio Del Canova” built by the noted Italian sculptor/ artist Antonio Canova. It was built to house a sculpture rejected by the Vatican and as a “ testament to his piety”. He partly funded the project which in 1830 would still have been a considerable sum. We also had to stop at the Gelateria Paticcerie bar - “Dolci Promesse” for what was a lovely ice cream. Another Nik suggestion religiously executed by her mother.

We returned to our apartment for a short stop before wandering Bassano DG old town leaving A&J on the outskirts to return to their accomodation. We returned via our nearby restaurant for a “sort of dinner” of meats,cheeses,bread and wine.

Very tired we retired to bed straight after returning, planning to meet A&J in Treviso tomorrow afternoon.

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