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Marilyn & I sat together sharing our morning coffee as we have done for the past 57 years. Today was the 57th anniversary of our marriage and we celebrate the love we share.

Marilyn went off with Jennifer this morning and I was left to accomplish some routine chores. However, the entrance to the Cave Complex was closed due to high water which was over the road between the narrow, single lane bridge and Hwy 79 which runs north and south passing by the entrance road to the cave & campground. I used the truck to take Marilyn to meet Jennifer and to pick her up when they returned in the afternoon.

I spent some time today taking the Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring system out of the truck. I will give that to the nice folks who purchased our RV. I also removed the monitor for the rear view camera and that will also go with the RV.

I went indoors to rest for a bit and decided to grill a Cajun Seasoned Pork Loin. I served that to my bride for dinner along with mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts. We had ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

I was supposed to accompany a guide through the Cameron Cave today and then sign him off as qualified guide, but the entire complex was closed. The maintenance crew and the campground host were around but we were the only non-employees who were here.

It was an easy, relaxing day and all I can say after 57 years with my honey is Life is Good!

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