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Day 18 - Saturday 1 June 19

Late last light we advised our host at Basano Del Grappa that we planned to leave Sirmione at 0830 hrs and would meet him in front of his address at 1430 hrs.

The timings were based on driving the 161 kms direct to the Sacrario Militare Del Monte Grappa to view the Ossuary that was built after the first world and to experience the 24km drive to the mountain top; a recognised significant feat for cyclists.

Although we didn’t get away until 0900 hrs, we achieved walking the Ossuary by 1300 hrs finishing with a Prosecco in the sunshine at the nearby chalet. The 360 degree view from what is the highest peak in this mountain range (1775m) was spectacular and for the sunny warm day, the views nearby were clear with the distant Adriatic Sea near Venice covered in haze.

We were at our accomodation on time and after checking in and seeking further directions we walked the old town. Parking was a problem because of a music festival in the centre of town. This required several trips to move the car and to feed the meter.

The town features the fast flowing River Brenta with the covered wood bridge the Ponte Degli Alpini as one of it’s major tourist attractions. At present the bridge is undergoing a major reconstruction and offers little appeal. On the advice of our host, we stopped at the Nardini Basso on the bridge’s entry for a wine and for me to visit the towns “military museum”. This is a community collection and offers mainly small artefacts from both World Wars. An audio description adds further interest.

We continued to wander the streets stopping for a drink or two. A wedding caught Kaye’s attention which led to a visit of the San Francesco church and the attached cloister. These are two very old pieces of church property, the church showing Romanesque features although not described as such. Decorations were minimal with some 12th century fresco’s still visible.

The crowds were building late in the afternoon and we elected to wait in the Piazza’s in anticipation of dinner at 1900hrs ; the civilised time that most of the restaurants start serving. Kaye was very tired as we had a quick pizza and an old style red house wine - cold as well.

We returned soon after with Kaye not feeling well with a cold and asleep by 2030 hrs

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