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Once again the Cave Complex is closed because of high water. A knock on the door this morning brought us into contact with a young man who was the only other person in the campground except for us. He wanted to leave but had a dead battery in his truck. I drove down to his site and used jumper cables to get his truck started. About five minutes later he went by leaving the campground.

Marilyn & I had finished our coffee and I had a shower and put on clean clothing for an appointment to look at the home we purchased. We needed to measure several items to assure that a TV stand with a fireplace would fit in the space we planned for it and that a microwave we planned to buy would fit in its spot.

We learned that the appraisal will occur on Monday and hopefully the process will be complete sometime next week.

As we left the campground in the car we would have to drive through water which was across the entrance road. The water, measured by one of the staff here at the cave, was nine inches deep and rising slowly. We turned around and parked the car, choosing to take the truck which had much more clearance.

We drove to the new house and spent about an hour looking at things and making the measurements. We then decided to go on over to Quincy and attempt to finish the furniture selection. We realized that tomorrow we may not be able to leave the campground to celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary so we went to a Thai restaurant where the food is simply awesome. The meal was delicious and we were “Happy Campers” when we left for the drive home.

When we arrived at the campground we noticed orange traffic cones blocking the entrance so we moved a few of them, drove through, and then replaced the cones. The water over the entrance road was about a foot deep but now we are high and dry, all comfortable and cozy in our rolling condo, and looking forward to watching the St Louis Cardinals on TV. Life is Good!

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