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on the plane

taxiing out to runway


in the air

on the second plane maybe we will make it to Coldfoot with...


up and away



















passing the arctic circle





Jeff the pilot







can see the Pipe line and the Dawson Highway





we made to Coldfoot LOL


the Daeson highway



the writing on the wall





down the Dawson highway





the pipe line






signs at the Arctic Circle




the Arctic Circle

north or south ??


cotton grass





















the begining of the Dawson Highway



This morning it is overcast and looks like rain so I spend the morning working on up loading pictures to my blog and tiring to get up to date the internet at the hostel is very slow so it takes a long time doing the upload. I head off to the airport for my afternoon flight to Coldfoot which is across the Arctic Circle, got to the airport and checked in will have 5 other passages for the flight. We head to our plane and get our seating assignments according to weight, I am in the back row, we do our safety check and briefing on the flight and we are off. We get airborne and then we turn and head back to the airport and land, ?? the pilot then tells us after take off the landing gear would not go up so we had return to the airport and change planes. After a short wait we get another plane and are loaded back on board and we our off to Coldfoot, It is about a hour and 15 minute flight, over the pipeline and the Dawson Highway, nice seeing everything below, as we are approaching the runway the pilot turns to go around and says a very words into the microphone which we were not suppose to hear, but he was having problems with the landing gear not coming down. But with a bit of work was finally able to get it down and locked. We make a safe landing in Coldfoot population of 10. We are met by our shuttle a 24 seat bus we had plenty of room with only 6 people) LOL and loaded on for our trip down the Dawson highway with a short stop at the store in Coldfoot and visitor center, then on the road some places it was paved but most of it was gravel, a bit rough and dusty. A stop for pictures at the Arctic Circle and on to our dinner stop at Yukon river, back on the road it is 175 moles to where the Dawson highways. then about another hour to get Fairbanks, getting there a bit late at 3:00 AM and a lite past my bedtime. LOL It is raining when we get in to Fairbanks but I get a ride to my hostel and off to bed.

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