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Ziva's last day on the couch

One whole week has gone by since we moved to Forest Lake Mobil Home Park. And it is a good thing we did. We have driven out to the bridge over the lock and dam twice since we moved here. The first time it was just about to enter the campgrounds. The second trip which was three days later it was in the campground and the roofs on the pavilions and the picnic tables at the campsites were just barely out of the water. There was an area on the other side of the bridge where they were filling sand bags. There were about 40 people there working. There were two Arkansas State Troopers there stopping all traffic down one of the roads adjacent to the entrance to the park. Going into the park was not even a consideration as the water was almost up to the roadway. The river will rise about six more feet from that point until the river crests, which is now projected to be next week. And then it may stay up for an indefinite time. It might be a good time to head to Alabama, which we will on Friday.

The last week has been a blur as it was the Memorial Day weekend but we have still done our part to take it easy. Last Thursday was the last day of school, so traffic around town has been better this past week. We have been back and forth to Beth's keeping check on her. We have been making plans for our trip to Red Bay. Sue has to be back in LR by the 11th as she will have to have surgery on her nose on the 13th. The test on the spot that our dermatologist removed on her nose came back as a malignant carcinoma. Her surgeon will remove small pieces of skin on her nose until he is sure he has it all. Depending on the depth it may require stitches and a plastic surgeon.

I have completed my doctors visits for this trip to LR on Tuesday. Good news is there are no new kidney stones. The bad news is that I still have to come back in six months. Oh well, no new stones is good news. After we returned I decided to tackle the removal of the jackknife sofa on the passenger slideout in the Bus. We are going to replace that with a cabinet and one of the euro recliners we previously had in the Bus. I need something that is a little more sympathetic to my size. My long legs hang off the theatre seat recliner by about a foot, and it is rough on my ankles. It is the perfect size for Sue. The return of the Euro will make both of us comfortable. The bad news is the sofa was one of Ziva's favorite places to sleep. I got a picture of her just before the sofa came out. Now we will see how fast she adapts.

Today (Wednesday) was our second early trip to LR this week. We had to have Ziva at the vet's for a bath, nails and a check up. We arrived around 9:00 and started checking Ziva in. We were surprised to see she had gained almost 10 pounds over the last six months. No more baby food in her dry food. We have certainly trained her to eat well. So now Ziva is on a diet.

We spent time today at the Apple store. Both Sue's and my iPad's have been slowing down and the battery charge will not last as long as it used to. Sue is also having trouble with her screen not responding when the screen is tapped. So, Apple agreed the batteries do need to be replaced. Now, they do not replace the batteries, they merely replace the unit with the same model for the cost of a battery. Not bad for $99. They only had one, so we got Sue's replaced and mine is ordered. I will pick it up when we get back to LR in about 10 days.

So now we are sitting here listening to the rain. Can you believe it...more rain. The NE part of Oklahoma had about 4" of additional rain. More water to come down the Arkansas River. The rain should be over before daylight and we can spend tomorrow getting ready to move out on Friday. We will be back to this same park when we return, but in a different location. The new one will have a good view of the sky where we can get satellite on the dish on top of the Bus. It will also have a good afternoon shade so it might be the best of both worlds.

Well, it is bedtime and the rain will help us get a good nights sleep...I hope...

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