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Farewell Croatia

A step closer to home - flying to London this afternoon (Tuesday) and catching Qantas home to Australia, Wednesday midday. We touch down in Perth on Thursday evening and arrive Brisbane in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Croats live in a permanent state of “slow motion”, and there is a real relaxed, “no worry” attitude. Everywhere in Croatia, we experienced a leisurely pace, and nothing happens quickly. Can be frustrating as a visitor, but they love their way of life and still live it the traditional way.

“Pomalo” is a Croatian word, meaning “ slow, take it easy” and locals greet each other this way, instead of the usual “hello”. In Africa, we learnt that people come before the task. Can we continue to put people before the task and continue the Croatian “take it easy” pace of life when we arrive back home!

We purchased tickets for access to “walk the wall”. Another couple in the group didn’t use theirs and gave us theirs also. Today, before setting out into the crowds, we prayed that God would send someone who would appreciate our unused tickets. As we took shelter from the “yet again” rain, we stood next to a couple who spoke English - quite rare here! We asked if they had walked the wall, and they replied they would like to, but couldn’t afford a ticket!

We talked for a while - the wife works for Scripture Union in Nth Ireland, and her husband is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. They work with an outreach in Hungary, and support mission work in Rwanda, Africa. We continued talking for ages and ages. They were so grateful for the tickets. What a special way to end our time here.

Thank you for coming along with us on our travels. Hope you have enjoyed reading about all the countries and places we’ve visited, as much as we have sharing with you. We have appreciated all your notes, and our apologies for not replying personally.

Travelling is exhausting, but so enjoyable. We’ve met many fascinating people and also trust we have boosted some others along the way. I think perhaps we might sleep for a month once we get home - but, on second thoughts, perhaps not!

Many blessings,

David and Heather

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