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We slept much later than normal and then sat together with our morning coffee which was nearly our “noon-time” coffee. We dressed and decided to drive over to Quincy to look at furniture for the living room in the house.

It’s tough moving from an RV into a house when you have to start over buying furniture for the entire house.

We stopped at a well-known furniture store and looked around. We found exactly what we were looking for and then discovered that we knew the manager as he was from the same town we lived in for twenty years. We had a nice visit together and then picked out the furniture we wanted and made a deal.

Of course we can’t actually buy anything until we are ready to move in or at least until things are all settled, so we’ll wait until that time comes.

Marilyn & I stopped at “Jimmy John’s” for a sandwich and a soft drink before heading back home. The campground was still full but we had new neighbors. Folks parked next to us had left but another RV had quickly taken their place. It’s sort of like playing musical camp sites.

What is so funny is that tomorrow the campground will pretty much empty out as people head home after the holiday so they can go back to work on Tuesday.

As for all of us retired folks, well, we’ll just sit sipping our coffee and watching them leave. Life is Good!

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