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Day 12 - Sunday 26 May 19 - Ortisei, Italy

It’s Sunday morning, very quiet, dry but with dark rain clouds sinking onto Innsbruck from the mountains as we complete breakfast and our check out.

Today we drive 109 km to Ortisei in Italy. A quick trip on the wrong side of the road and a missed turn before we had even left the city had us wondering whether our day would be “one of those days”. The trip through the Brenner Pass went smoothly as we passed below the towering mountains and the dry clouded skies. Most of the drive was along the motorway which had a number of areas under repair, however the final 19 km was along a narrow winding road which had us wondering just how remote the town would be. We had been attacked by two tolls for the trip.

To our pleasure the first impressions matched our daughters glowing description of the village. As we entered the older area, roads narrowed and finding our hotel was very much crawling through a rabbit warren. Also to our delight, we found on checking in that we had been upgraded and offered all facilities. It appears, since our booking in November 2018, our hotel has been taken over by it’s bigger and better neighbour and we are now beneficiaries of the deal.

We completed our checkin and with directions from our pleasant receptionists we were at the Aerialway Station ( chairlift) by 1215hrs to ride to the top of Mount Seuc.

Our objective was to walk the high ground to the township ( gathering of buildings) of Saltria. The track varied from road to track to cow path and over wet and dry surfaces; the air was cool but rain was not threatening. What was pleasantly downhill was unpleasantly up hill on the return leg. Overall we covered the 8 km in 2.5 hrs and felt quite comfortable when we finished.

A refreshment on the Mount was well deserved before we returned via the Aerialway to the hotel. After a short rest and a change we attended happy hour in the hotel. We had forgotten that it was Sunday night and having walked into town for dinner we quickly realised that most restaurants were closed. We did however find a very local restaurant open ( local in that most customers appeared to be Sunday night regulars) and shared a pork knuckle and tiramisu; a pizza was declared a no no. We left feeling it to be quite ordinary however a short time later we did find a cafe open where we shared a genuine ice cream bowl ( ice cream, fruit, cream etc) - not all was consumed.

We then retired to the hotel for bed; lights out 2215 hrs. The day had been “one of those days” - one good day!

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