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The lower temple sites of Wat Phu Champasak

And again...

The crocodile stone - it is thought this stone was used for...

Buddha's footprint

Can you guess what this is?..... Yep, it's the Elephant stone

On our way back up to Pakse we decided to indulge in a little bit of culture in order to make up for all the loafing we had been doing. With this in mind we paid a visit to Champasak. This Khmer temple site was supposedly built around the same time as Angkor Wat, and is seen as a taster for those who have yet to visit it's big sister in Cambodia.

Armed with the guide book we set off round the site, trying to make out what everything was actually supposed to be in relation to what we read. As with many of the apparently important sites in Laos, Wat Phu Champasak was pretty much in ruins, although there were big signs everywhere showing the renovation work that was supposedly being carried out. We still managed to while away a morning wandering around, and to be fair the complex was pretty atmospheric. It took us the whole morning to find the 'crocodile stone' - a big rock with a carving of a crocodile in it that was apparently used for sacrifices; the 'elephant stone' - likewise, and 'Buddha's footprint' - Buddha must have had a pretty huge foot.

Whilst to be fair, I don't think that our visit to Champasak could be described as one of the highlights of our stay in Laos, it was worth paying it a visit, and it definately whetted our appitite for what we were to see at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

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