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We have had an interesting 3 days. We are staying at Nordic Nynashamn Campground in a cabin. It is an hour's train ride into Stockholm. With our Citypasses we have been to several museums, had a boat cruise round the harbor and rode the hop on hop off buses around the city. We have enjoyed excellent weather although today was cool and when it rained we were deep into the dungeon of the palace in the Old Town seeing the crown jewels.

Stockholm is a beautiful city with many old and many restored buildings. Many of the new buildings have copied the old styles...especially hotels. Stockholm is situated on many islands of varying size.

After seeing the crown jewels...a lot of gold and precious jewels but no crowns older than 1560..we explored the apartments on view and went for lunch. By then the clouds were lifting.

Next we walked the streets stopping at the Nobel Prize least 2 hours of intense interesting reading and short films. We learned a lot.

The 1300's cathedral was next with St. George slaying the dragon (Denmark) and saving the fair maiden (Stockholm) of the many invasions. We just missed the entrance to another church in the Old Town. It had just closed at 3p.

Yesterday we took the hop on hop off bus and boat around the city and the harbour. We stopped at the Vasa Museet to see the 16th century Viking ship that sank in the harbor 15 minutes after it sailed. It was raised from the ocean floor in the 1970's but discovered in the 1960's. It is huge! And very top heavy. This made it unstable and an approaching storm toppled it. Also an interesting place.

We have taken the 4.45pm train arriving back at 6p to the campsite. Evenings have been quiet.

The campsite is situated on a beautiful little bay. It is large. The nearby town of Nynashamn is pretty. And on the other side of the peninsula. There are no stop signs, only yield signs. It has a harbor protected by an island...a safe haven for the many sailing ships and yachts. We have explored and enjoyed the area we would not otherwise have seen.

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