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Wow, what a day! Yesterday we continued the process of buying a home by uploading forms to our portfolio. We did that after I was finished with my work. I led two tours of the Mark Twain Cave for students from schools in Illinois. At the end of the second tour several of the kids came up and gave me a hug. That was nice.

We then drove to the realtor office, took care of business, and then drove north to Palmyra. We stopped for a sandwich before driving to the school to meet our daughter and grandkids. I watched Colby in the gym, offering advice, as he made five consecutive three point shots. He is good!

Jennifer, who is an RN, removed the stitches I had in my chest and then we drove to a place they told us about where we bought huge cups of ice cream for everyone.

A short drive to the park provided a great place to sit together and enjoy the ice cream treat as we chatted and watched the kids playing on the equipment provided.

Our visit was interrupted by the blasting noise of the tornado sirens. We could see dark clouds to the west of town so Jennifer and the kids took cover at the school while Marilyn & I drove back to Hannibal.

The entire evening was spent constantly monitoring the weather as severe storms and tornados demanded our attention. Thankfully Jennifer and the kids made it safely home and we didn’t have to take shelter in the cave, although we were ready to do that.

We were happy to learn that friends in other parts of the state were also safe. Life is Good!

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