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Katie's Award Presentation

Katie's walk down the Red Carpet

Laurel Park bucket of water empties

And the bucket pops back up to fill again

A lot has happened and there have been internet connection issues, so I have not posted in about eight days or so. I will not try to cover anything but the highlights so as not to bore anyone reading this or put me to sleep trying to remember.

Thursday was our last day in LR last week and we took care of a few issues and got ready to move on Friday.

Friday got a little busy. We were up early to get the Bus ready to move before I headed for a hair cut and a pedicure...or combat pay as Cyrena calls it.. Our appointment was at 9:00 a.m. We were on time in spite of the construction on Pinnacle Valley Road. It took only about an hour and 15 minutes for me to get worked on by Cyrena and we were off to the Bus. We arrived back just before 11:00 a.m. Then the rush was on. We had to get packed up and moved to Conway and set up, and then get to Katie's awards assembly by 2:00 p.m. We were out of Maumelle Park by 12:20. The exit through the construction zone was very tricky at best. They had a hole dug in the middle of the road and wanted everything to go around it on a temporary shoulder. Anyway, I made it and we hustled up the interstate to get to Toadsuck. We arrived just after 1:10 and got the Bus set up, hooked up and me changed into dry clothes and off by 1:40. It was a quick drive to the school and we arrived at the same time Jeff did and hustled to our vantage point for an outside assembly. Our vantage point was under the only shade tree around. Katie got the character award for her class for the month of May for RESPONSIBILITY. She got a yellow hat, an award and a sticker. She then got to walk down a red carpet. She really strutted her stuff. After the assembly we went to check on Beth who was suffering from her treatment. The seven or eight days of pain and discomfort that occur from day three to ten or eleven are really tough on her. We then headed back to the Bus and finished our set up and then spent the rest of the time trying to rest from the move.

Saturday was an easy day. We spent the morning catching up on several things and headed out just after lunch to take Katie and Hannah to Laurel Park to play in the Splash Pad area. There are many items that are spewing water and several buckets that fill and splash out on the kids. I have a picture of the BIG bucket that the kids watched and gathered under every time is was about to tilt and send a huge wave of water down on them. We let the kids play for about two hours before taking them home.

Sunday was a slow day. We were out a couple of times looking for a few specific items to make small changes in the Bus.

Monday I had an early appointment for the truck to get an oil change and transmission service. It was also an assembly day in which Hannah was getting an award. Unfortunately we had the time wrong and I did not get out of the dealership until time for the assembly to start. To make up for this we picked up Hannah after school and took her to get an ice cream and then went to find a frame for her award. By the time we got her home we had the award framed and ready to show her mother. We then headed back for the Bus.

Tuesday we were up early and headed for LR and Sue's cardiologist appointment. The appointment went well and they decided to do an updated echo cardiogram. It was going to be after lunch so we ran to Bobby's and enjoyed a home cooked cafeteria lunch. Then back for Sue's test. It went well and they promised the results in a few days. We hustled back to the Bus in Conway to get ready for the incoming storms. With all the warnings and all the considerable things the television and the internet were warning us about it was not bad at all...except for the rain. And still, it was not as bad as the NE Oklahoma area that was inundated with 10 - 12 inches of rain. It was nice going to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof of the Bus.

Wednesday (today) there were no scheduled events and there was no rain. About 11:00 one of the park volunteer workers came and knocked on the door. He informed us the river was coming up and we had to vacate by noon on Thursday. The park will start flooding late Thursday or Friday. Uh oh. This is coming up on Memorial Day weekend and the dry places were already booked. We were looking for any option and were able to find a spot at a combination mobile home/RV park in Conway for Thursday until next Friday when we leave for Red Bay, AL. I ran out and got some groceries and burgers for a late lunch. We had just finished and confirmed to Beth that we were going to pick up Hannah at 3:30 when the ranger knocked on our door at 2:10 p.m. He confirmed that we knew we had to be out by noon on Thursday. We acknowledged we would be out when he informed us they had made a "small" change. They were turning off the power and water in two hours. GULP! so we started looking for a place to go for tonight. Sue contacted Forest Lake where we made reservations earlier and they had one spot for tonight. We said we would take it. Only one catch: they close the office at 4:00 p.m. So, the race was on. It was just after 2:30 and we were packed up and ready to go by 3:30. I sent Sue ahead in the truck to make sure we got there and to find out where I was going in the Bus. The lady that owns the park met us at the turn in and led us to our spot. Then Sue headed for the office to pay, and they locked up the office and left when Sue was finished. It is not the greatest space we have ever had but it is dry and hopefully will stay that way until we leave next Friday. After getting all set up we ran by Beth's. She has been up a lot today and is just tired and not hurting as much ...this is a good sign. Then a quick dinner at Cracker Barrel and back to the Bus. It is time for a shower and a long night's sleep since we do not have to worry about the river coming up in our campsite.

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