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Our 1970 Mercedes (doors open to keep cool; no AC)


Just how OLD is this stuff?


Wine cellar from the outside.

Castle ruins at the winery.

Wine tasting. Yummm!




Vukovar to Ilok

Then it was on to another winery in Ilok! It was a nice drive through small villages and a very lush, green landscape.

The winery is partly built within the remnants of a castle. The wine cellars are built into a hill where the steady temperature is kept at 15 degrees. After the tour through the wine cellars, we ended up on a covered patio where tables were set with glasses, cheese and bread, ready for us to start the wine tasting. We tasted three kinds of wines: two white ones and one red. The wines tasted very good, the cheese and bread felt good in our by then empty stomachs – it being lunch time by then! We also had a kind of warm donut – deep fried dough although it was a bit salty, not sweet. After our wine lunch some of us walked up a small hill beside the winery, saw more of the old walls of the original castle and enjoyed the view over the river and surrounding area. The weather was beautiful in spite of the rain which we had been promised!

That was our last stop in Croatia and we were ready to drive to the border with Serbia. On this piece of the journey we both got a spot in the Mercedes – it was vey comfortable although hot! No air conditioning in a 1970 Mercedes! Rolling down the windows was work!

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