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Sunday Morning we left early because we had one of the longest sections of our trip and because there were weather reports that some very hazardous weather was on the way Russellville, Arkansas and Red Bay, Alabama.

We were heading to Memphis, Tennessee and we camped at the Elvis Presley Campground. It is not a very good park. It is old and not well maintained The office is filled with Elvis Presley overpriced memorabilia. Ross wasn’t an admirer of Presley when he was star and Ross had no problem leaving the office with simply the camping spot receipt.

The trip from Oklahoma City to Memphis was uneventful. The weather was good although the closer we got to Memphis the warmer the air became. The roads are pretty good except when you get into the Memphis area. There are bridges everywhere and not unlike every other state and province the interface between the road and the bridge almost always presents a front end/tire destructor. As we crossed the Mississippi River it was very obvious that the river is well over the river’s bank and flooding large areas on both sides of the river.

It has been several years since we have visited Tiffin Motorhome’s Service Center and there have been numerous changes which in Ross’ opinion has eliminated Tiffin’s reputation for having the best customer service. The center will no longer service any motorhome that is ten years old or more. Any motorhome more than one year old and no more than four years old are limited to Express Lane Service only. Lastly, no service or management employee will contact the extended warranty company on behalf of their customers that have purchased extended warranty policies. The problem for the customer is the these extended warranty companies require all policy holders to obtain prior approval by the extended warranty and they will only take the word of the service center to qualify as the appropriate prior approval. Ross and Marge have had firsthand experience with regard to this requirement.

Ross hopes to be able to visit with Bob Tiffin and he plans to express his displeasure with these new procedures.

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