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We took enough time to share our morning coffee but skipped breakfast in order to get started on our day. We copied, signed, uploaded, and sent various documents off into cyberspace this morning, and then drove to the local Social Security office to obtain documents needed and can now finish up the tasks for this week.

I can remember when buying a home was a relatively simple process but now it is a complicated mix of regulated mayhem.

Well, my work as a guide at the Mark Twain Cave complex is nearly finished. I have two tours scheduled for tomorrow and another tour on Friday and then I will be finished. The folks here at the cave have been wonderful and it is like one big family working here. We still have another month more or less, to be here but we will miss these good people when we leave.

My FAA flight physical has been put on hold until after my cataract surgery but that is ok. Once we are moved in and my surgery is finished, I will return to the Flight Physical as part of my agenda.

I will also be taking a sleep apnea test and suspect I will join that club of people who sleep wearing a mask. Oh my but this aging process is demanding more of my attention all the time. However, as an old gentleman I met one time informed me, “It doesn’t matter as long as I am vertical and taking nourishment”. LOL

As the Toby Keith says in his song, “Don’t let the old man in!”

All I can say is “Life is Good!”

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