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Georgetown, KY - Whispering Hills RV Park - site 230

Georgetown, KY - Whispering Hills RV Park - site 230, another view

Georgetown, KY - Whispering Hills RV Park - site 230, and another

Corbin to Georgetown, KY - our route - 117 miles

Corbin to Georgetown, KY 1 - continuing on through the Cumberland Mountains

Corbin to Georgetown, KY 2 - this little tie-up took us about...

Corbin to Georgetown, KY 3 - and we are still pretty much...

Corbin to Georgetown, KY 4 - at least they were doing something,...

Ark Encounter 1 - 300 cubits long by 50 cubits wide by...

Ark Encounter 2 - some of the internal ribs on the first...

Ark Encounter 3 - some of the smaller cages

Ark Encounter 4 - some of the water jugs fed by piping...

Ark Encounter 5 - insects were kept in these jugs

Ark Encounter 6 - how does this compare to your math on...

Ark Encounter 7 - some building stats

Ark Encounter 8 - a collection of Noah's Ark children's books in...

Ark Encounter 9 - vegetables being grown and stored near the living...

Ark Encounter 10 - the kitchen - kind of small but only...

Ark Encounter 11 - living and dining room

Ark Encounter 12 - one of the bedrooms

Ark Encounter 13 - another room in the living quarters

Ark Encounter 14 - some more veggies being grown

Ark Encounter 15 - some of the many bird cages

Ark Encounter 16 - looking down from the 3rd deck to the...

Ark Encounter 17 - looking from the 3rd deck at the ramp...

Barn Quilts 1

Barn Quilts 2

Barn Quilts 3

Barn Quilts 4

Barn Quilts 5

Barn Quilts 6

Barn Quilts 7- from a Civil War quilt

Barn Quilts 8

Barn Quilts 9

Barn Quilts 10

Barn Quilts 11

Barn Quilts 12

Barn Quilts 13

Barn Quilts 14

Our trip from Corbin to Georgetown, KY covered 117 miles straight up I-75 while taking some smaller roads from our old campground and to our new one. It should have taken about two hours but wound up being almost three due to construction and some very long delays. The longest was about 25 minutes where it looks like they are widening the the road over about five miles through the mountains. We think they may be blasting some of the mountainside as well since there was zero movement going both ways for several minutes. Hopefully we don't get caught again when going back to NC Friday.

We are staying at the Whispering Hills RV Park about six miles north of Georgetown. We have a "premium" site which is a 50 amp pull-through with full hookups. It appears the premium part of it is concrete patios with a nice table and a double Adirondack glider chair for relaxing. We have good Verizon and AT&T cell coverage and a clear shot to the satellite. It's nice to be fully connected again!

Wednesday we took a ride about 25 miles north up to Williamstown, KY to see the Ark Encounter.

This Noah's Ark replica was finished in July 2016 after six years of construction and was built to mimic the actual ark as much as possible, including animal enclosures, water and food supplies, and living quarters for the eight people in Noah's family who were the only humans aboard. Though there were plenty of cages and pens to represent the animals aboard, about half of the space was utilized for displays and exhibits about the building of the ark and life aboard the boat. There were also many exhibits on pre-flood and post-flood as well as many other on religious artifacts including the Bible. There were also two large theaters showing films all day. All in all we only spent about four hours there but you could spend all day and not see it all. It was crowded enough on this school day and I can't imagine how crowded it gets once school is out and vacations really get going. They also have a petting zoo, donkey and camel rides, a zip-line attraction and multiple restaurants and snack bars, as well as one of the largest gift shops we have ever seen!. Though we didn't do any of the extras, we were pretty well worn out walking the length of the ark several times. Doris did great using her rollator but could barely move by the time we finished.

Today (Thursday), we took a couple of hours before lunch to try and see some of the barn quilts that are in abundance in this area of Kentucky. These are quilts painted onto barns that depict real quilts that mean something to the ones putting it on their barn. One we saw represented a civil war era quilt for instance. I have included 14 pictures of them for you to see if you want.

We head back to Waynesville, NC tomorrow and plan on doing it in one trip which should take about 5-6 hours depending on traffic and construction.

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