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After D was refreshed by a few hours nap we wandered back into the mall/train station/ airport to look for supper and actually find our path to the airport, terminal 2. With much lively discussion ( border line I am tired you are wrong) between us we found our way to the right level and crossed the bridge into the airport where we had to be in the morning. Thus proving we must walk, with our luggage. There would be no cab, no room Stewart, no way but to trudge our way to the luggage drop off.

We found a route through the luggage store to restaurant row where we proceeded to chose a place for our last meal. I ended up with a poached chicken breast that was sliced with skin that had to be pealed from each slice. Steamed bock choy, pencil shaped cucumber slices, a bowl of chicken broth steamed rice, all barely warm. But there was a bowl of something that was steaming hot so I proceeded to put all but the cucumber into the bowl. There were 3 sauces each a very different flavor. D got a bowl of something that had a fried soft shell crab on top, egg slices, unidentified vegetables, and noodles that were blood red and not really curry flavored but very spicy.I finished this meal with a coffee creamed icy.

Ready to return to our room a little Chinese girl in the elevator said “ you have white hair”. She asked to touch it. I bent down and she told her mother “it feels like shiny thread”. Her mom in turn said “so sorry”. I don’t know if it was because of the consistency of my hair or the boldness of her daughter. It made me smile either way.

We watched an old Die Hard movie and set up a wake up call for 5:30am.

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