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Last view of Banff area


Big horned sheep

Hotel grounds

Hotel grounds

A largely driving day today as we travelled from Banff back to Kamloops. In addition to our few major stops, we had a few quick photo stops - pulling off to the side of the road.

The first of these photo-stops was only 19-15 minutes out of Banff, high up on a mountain, where we looked back over the whole area. Being a bright, sunny morning, the view was great. On the hillside we encountered a large herd of big horned sheep happily sunning themselves as lots of chipmunks scurried this way and that. A really nice, serene scene.

Back on the bus we tootled down the road backtracking a bit through Lake Louise to Golden, where we made a half hour toilet and coffee stop. It was here that we turned our watches and clocks back an hour.

As we drove further, the temperature rose, the trees were more prolific and there was far less snow around. The roadside trees changed from pine to something else (hey, I’m no botanist!) I was a little bit sad to be leaving the snowy Rockie Mountains behind but knew there were more adventures ahead.

Our lunch stop (1 hour) was a roadhouse at 3 Valley Gap which had a very nice garden and some OK vegetable soup.

We had a minor stop for a rock commemorating the last spike that was hammered into the ground as part of the Canadian Pacific Railway..... no points for guessing that I didn’t get out! Give me a snow covered mountain, a flowing stream or a cute animal and I’ll be out in a flash! I’m not moving for a spike or a rock! Why we needed a 20 minute stop to photograph it, I have no idea!!

Our penultimate stop for the day was Salmon Arm (who knew that salmon had arms! I suppose though - that’s where fish fingers come from!! Boom! Boom!) This spot, on the shores of Lake Shuswap, had a fruit and vegetable market and a handicraft shed. I bought a couple of bananas and a few apricots - others enjoyed, what they said was, delicious ice-cream. We were then off on our final leg of the day’s journey.... to our hotel for the night, South Thompson Inn in Kamloops. We had stayed in central Kamloops a week ago but tonight’s hotel was in a more remote location and is absolutely beautiful. We are the only people here for the night. The property has acres of beautiful grounds and animals including horses and llamas and we were free to explore the lot.

We had a medical emergency on the bus as we waited to get off the bus at the hotel. One of the ladies onboard had some kind of fit, blacked out and started vomiting. We quickly got off to give the TD and a nurse, who is part of our group, space to deal with the issue. Apparently, the lady came round quite quickly but an ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital for assessment. Luckily, her sister is with her so she’s not alone. A rather sobering end to the day.

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