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This RV life makes it difficult to stay organized. Today we spent hours looking for information from our tax returned for 2017 and 2018. It wasn’t just information, I needed the actual forms. Marilyn helped me look and we found the form we needed from 2017 and then while looking for the same form from 2018, we misplaced the form we had found before. Grrr…

Another nice thing is the address we have for mail but actually never lived there. People who are not RV folks have some difficulty understanding that we have had an address in South Dakota but never lived there. Then we had an address in Texas but never lived at that address. We did live at a different address in Texas though. We had a mailing address, another where we own property and live part of the year, and Oh Yes, a phone number from Wichita, Kansas. I don’t blame people for being confused.

I will go to the local Social Security office tomorrow to see about getting replacement 1099 forms for the two years in question. I have all of my tax records except for those two years. I have everything saved on-line but not the actual supporting forms. Grrr…

We have purchased five other houses over the years but never before had to jump through so many hoops. I’m sure it will all get done and we have time before we close on the house on June 25th.

Life is Good!

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