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This morning we left the campground in Oklahoma City for Russellville, Arkansas a distance of 263 miles to the Ivy’s Cove RV Resort. This a small well maintained RV park with 46 sites, of which 36 are pull throughs with full hook-ups including 50 amp electrical service.

The road through Oklahoma City was not very good, very similar to the roads in California. It took 20 minutes to get to the outskirts of the City where the road became belter. The weather was cool and the sky was blue but within an hour huge cumulus clouds could be seen in distance. We did not run into any rain but the weather forecasts indicate that we may be heading into some very dangerous storms. This evening the forecaster had a warning for a county in the northeastern area of Arkansas. We hope the storm does not drop to the south where we are located.

Yesterday we were pleased to see some of the motorcyclists that are headed for Washington DC to participate in some of the Memorial Day proceedings. Yesterday it seemed like a well-controlled group of cyclists and we celebrated with them with our air horn as they passed us. Today was very different. We ran into a very large ground that stretched out for over a mile and instead of driving at the 70 mile per hour speed limit they were in a group in the right hand lane traveling at about 63 mph. We travel at 65 mph and we had a devil of a time to keep traffic moving. The cyclists would not allow me to move in between them to allow traffic behind me to move at the 70 mph and this group had “Road Guards” who would cut through and pass on my right so close that had there been some severe wind gusts someone could have very easily been killed. We finally came upon a rest area where pulled off and waited for about a 30 minutes before we got back onto highway. We did not have another similar problem after returning to the highway.

Upon crossing to Arkansas the road went to the same condition we suffer in California for the first 20 miles. After 20 miles the road improved significantly. The scenery has been green since entering Oklahoma but as we travel east and descend in elevation the scenery changed to a lush green and heavy forest on both sides of the road with well-maintained and wide shoulders between the trees and the roadway.

I am tired, So that is it for now.

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