back porch dining table work in progress

stained and sealed towel rack

wine rack hung - Marty made that for us!

veg trough put together and is now planted up

As you may have expected, my brother and I have much the same work ethic - just get it done! Below is his list of what he and Paul accomplished while they were with us from May 1 through May 7 - impressive, isn't it!????!!!!

Thanks, Marty! You're the best!!!!!! And Paul for all your help to get the projects done! And thanks to my sister-in-law, Cathy, for all the help unpacking; as well as Paul's cousin, Rose, who unpacked and helped me with a ton of organizing projects; and Karen Allen, who was here to help sort, unpack, tidy and organize!

Paul sealed the back porch furniture, what a difference that made!

Prescott “To Do’s”

✔️Garage storage unit installed

✔️Toilet valve installed

✔️Shade in office installed

✔️Address post secured

✔️Vacuum cleaner troubleshooting

✔️Garage electrical outlets

✔️Workbench light

✔️Move workbench

✔️Move garage cabinet/attach to wall

✔️Replace GFI receptacles-outside

✔️Install Wine rack in kitchen

✔️Veg trough - put together


✔️Bed post - straighten

✔️Office rug-shampoo/place under desk

✔️Fix bird house

✔️Towel rack-stain/poly/mount

✔️Golf-Monday 1 pm

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