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South along the Adriatic

Plitvice Falls


2 people we met at the Falls

One of the hundreds of homes, deserted during the civil war of...

It may not be new, but first time that we have seen...

Sunny. Setting off to Plitvice National Park.

Drove down the Adriatic coast - sparkling blue seas, studded with rocky islands. It’s 2 1/2 hours to Venice across the Sea - now that’s tempting!!!!!

Drove through villages and very obvious reminders of past Civil wars. One building riddled with bullets, and many little peasant homes, where the residents who were Serbs, had either fled, leaving their homes, or forcibly evicted when “dobbed in” by their neighbours during Civil Wars on the Balkan Peninsula- under Hapsburg rule, and during Napoleon war, and as late as 20 years ago.

Heading towards snow on the mountains. Last heavy snow fall here 2 weeks ago.The river flows through the National Park, forming 16 interconnected lakes. Heavy rain 2 days ago has closed some of the walking tracks, but although some areas were closed to us following the heavy rain and recent snow, the advantage was the massive amount of water falling over the waterfalls into the lakes in the area. In some places, the water was lapping over the timber walkways we crossed. We walked 5 kms through the Park. There are 800 varieties of Mushrooms and Fungi throughout the park, and we saw many small Orchids along the paths. Our guide was quite a comedian and kept us entertained.

Lots of driving today, but a relaxing day.

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