downtown Prescott - Whiskey Row (used to be all saloons

downtown Prescott

downtown Prescott

quail - lots of them around here, they make the cutest sounds!


tomatoes, cilantro, parsley and basil

wide open spaces


Zeke and I out for our walk

Amazing how time flies, no matter where you live... I am missing my family and friends back in Cleveland but thanks to email, text, cell phones and FaceTime it doesn't feel like we left almost 3 weeks ago.

Paul and I continue to get our projects done one by one, I got the rest of my plants from Cleveland either in the ground or in containers; Paul washed my car inside and out, and I also set up the CD player and figured out how to use the surround sound system, which plays in the great room, office, master bathroom, now if only I could figure out how to get it to play on the outdoor speakers. Dan and Kelsey may be coming to AZ in late August, one job to the list for Dan!

The sun comes up about 5:30am, and its dark by 8pm - and I DO MEAN DARK! There are light limitations so when the sun goes down, there is no ambient light nearby. We are 25-30 minutes from the north of town, no street lights, we do have landscape lighting around the house, but not overly bright. To go out on the back porch and look at the stars is something amazing. Jaw dropping to someone who has lived with light pollution all her life.

That being said, haven't gone out as much as I'd like but will do once the fencing goes up around the back porch area - it is just as much to let Zeke run around and play without a leash on, as for us to be outside and not having to be concerned about a critter (ie, javelina, coyote, deer, what-have-you) coming up close to the house! Zeke alerted us to something outside a few nights ago, at 4am, thank you Zeke for protecting us -and waking us up. :-D The back of the house containers two large sets of sliding class doors ... and no draperies ... something it's taken a bit of time to get used to. Even our bedroom has the sliding glass doors but at least there are blinds to pull down at night.

Signing off for the night ... cheers!

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